Father's Day Gift Guide To Good Clean Livin'

Everyone know's mothers are hard to shop for, that's a given. But something that isn't talked about enough, is how hard fathers are to shop for too! So many guys out there have the, "if I like it, I'll buy it myself" mentality. And gettin' something good that puts you on the pedestal above the other siblings can be down right tough. But don't fret, Flood Tide Co. is here to help.

So, dive in to the "Father's Day Gift Guide To Good Clean Livin'"! We've included great items for the outdoors-ing, meat smoking, clothing wearing Dads out there. (ps. we hope your Father wears clothes. Most of the time.)


Nautilus X Series Fly Reel - $275-395

Nobody WANTS to spend $800 on something as small as a reel, but everyone likes good quality. Enter the Nautilus X! It's tough to beat Nautilus in terms of quality. And at under $500, these guys are tough to beat. Check 'em out at your local Nautilus retailer or here.


YETI Panga 50 - $299

Let me tell y'all a secret about Paul Puckett, owner of Flood Tide Co. & revered sporting artist, he LOVES his bags! Seriously, there's a closet here at Flood Tide Co. I'm scared to go into because of the number of various bags. He's a bag man, and he knows bags. Paul's carry-on bag of choice is the YETI Panga 50 because of its perfect medium size, but endless packability. Top that off with full waterproofing and you've got a bag ready for adventure or your next business trip. Find a YETI Panga 50 here.


Flood Tide Co. Sunshirts - $45-48

Nobody likes being hot, buggy, and beaten down by the sun. Help get dad outfitted for a day on the water with a new sunshirt! Even better, we now have several sunshirts with hoods. Ya know, for extra protection & cool factor. Check out our available sunshirts here.


Traeger Grill - $300-2,000

So, your pops likes to grill & smoke some meats. And you want to be the #1 son or daughter for at least the foreseeable future? We got you covered. Well, Traeger actually has you covered, but you get the point. If you haven't heard of these things, you might have been living under a rock. They've been taking the smokin' world by storm with their electric smoker that can also sear a freakin' steak! Do yourself a favor & check them out. We live off of ours. We promise dad will be ecstatic.


Flood Tide Co. Truckers - $28

Dad's like hats. There's even some trend called "Dad Hats" out there. I'm 95% sure they're just twill hats that cost too much, but what do I know. Well, your dad's cool. He deserves better. He deserves a Flood Tide Co. trucker hat. Whether he needs to shade those eyes while on the water, hide that bald spot, or just knows he looks cool with a curved bill above that brow; with plenty of styles to choose from, get him a hat he'll love. See all our trucker hats here.


Altec Lansing - $149.99

I guess any waterproof, bluetooth, floating speaker will work. But We're big fans of the Altec Lansing. Let dad float in the pool, with a Bud Diesel in hand, smokin' heavy meat on his new Traeger while listening to the most waterproof tunes you've ever heard. It's just cool, that's all there is to it. 


Flood Tide Co. Coozies - $5-8

Speaking of dad floating in the pool sippin' on Bud heavy, get that man a coozie he can be proud of! No more of that crappy foam that gets your hand colder than a brass toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg. We've got coozies made with the finest neoprene and foam that'll keep your hands warm for days. Also, the cool cans are huge. Dad ain't losing that one.


Sporting Art of Paul Puckett - $40-145

Y'all have seen the art and you know it's just down right mighty fine stuff. If you don't know him, Paul is the artist & co-founder of Flood Tide Co. He's an extremely talented artist and his artwork and prints are enjoyed by many. If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for dad that'll look great on a wall, but won't break the bank, check out Paul's awesome prints.


Flood Tide Co. Gift Card - $25-200

Let's be honest with ourselves, it's your dad. If he wants something, he goes out and he gets it. He doesn't need our help. So, do the right thing, give dad the gift of choice with a Flood Tide Co. Gift Card!


So there you have it. Get any of these goodies for Father's Day and sky rocket yourself to the top tier in your dad's eyes! Of course, whatever you get your dad, we're sure he'll love it no matter what! Unless it's socks. Or a tie. Remember, he's a cool dad. He doesn't want that sh**ty striped tie.

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