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One Of The Many Ways To Use A Fiddler Foam Patch

So, you currently (or will soon) have in your possession a brand new Fiddler Foam Patch. But, you're wondering, "how in the hell do I use this patch of sticky, foamy goodness"? We understand. We've been there. And we've got you covered. 


Follow along through this guide of poorly grabbed screenshots from our Fiddler Foam Patch video!


First, admire your new Fiddler Foam Patch thingamajig. For you are about to partake in foam slapping excellence. 

Now flip that sucker over and tear away that pesky protective backing!

It's time to slap this beauty onto whatever hard surface you so desire. Pictured here: the inside back port side hatch of a Hell's Bay Waterman 18. But, any surface you desire works fine.

Rub the bubbles out.

Time to fill it with a handful of your favorite flies/lures or you can leave it nice and clean.

And, there you have it. Now go and rub your good clean livin' in the face of the people currently not enjoying a Fiddler Foam Patch!


Don't want your face rubbed in a Fiddler Foam Patch? Think you have what it takes to control this level of good clean livin'? Get yourself one here. Now in 3 different colors! Hurry, they're going at an insatiable rate.

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  • Where can I buy the elevated casting platform pictured on your home page?

    Robert Gray

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