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High Stick Drifter Coozie

Product image 1High Stick Drifter Coozie
Product image 2High Stick Drifter Coozie

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The Stranger: Beer... and a bottle. 
Bartender: Ain't much good, but it's all there is. 
[brings drinks] 
Bartender: You want anything else? 
The Stranger: Just a peaceful bar to drink in. 


If you've never seen the High Plains Drifter, get off this page right now and go watch it. Then, come back and get yourself some High Stick Drifter goodness once you're done. Lord only knows you'll be itchin' to have some. 

One of our favorite movies of all time here at the Flood Tide Co. HQ, we love bringing a little piece of it on the water or wherever you may be in classic Flood Tide Co. fashion.

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