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GCL Redfish Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Redfish are why we started this company. Redfish mean the world to us. They've been a central facet of how we celebrate Good Clean Living' and we'd like it to stay that way. 

We love those muddy little sons of guns, so we've taken our Topo Redfish and made it even more good and clean. Here in Charleston marsh, redfish make the world go round. 


Original Artwork by Paul Puckett of Flood Tide Co.
100% Deliciously Soft Cotton
Pocket Tee with Flood Tide Co. Logo
Flood Tide Co. Loop Label
Inside Neck label

Our cotton pocket tees are a more relaxed fit made to sit off of the body.

Size    Fit To Chest

S        39”-41”
M       42”-44”
L        45”-47”
XL      48”-50”
XX      51”-53”

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