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Good Clean Livin'

There’s no short answer. Good Clean Livin’ is what it is.  

We are a group of individuals grounded in adventure that have an undying passion for the outdoors. While founded in fly fishing, we come from all walks of life but keep our motives simple: having a good time and living life to the fullest, while also leaving our tiny blue planet better than how we found it. 

So, keep the compass pointed South; when the weather warms, the drinks are cold, and the sun rises, you'll know you've arrived.

We hope you can join us in doing a little Good Clean Livin'.


Our Story.

Our Story begins with Native Texan, musician, fly angler, & all around avid outdoorsman, Paul Puckett. Somewhere along the way, Paul began documenting these adventures through his artwork. Now a renowned Wildlife & Sporting Artist by profession, Paul continues to create Fine Art (you can see more of his artwork here) but has been able to use Flood Tide Co. as an outlet for creativity and the opportunity to bring his creativity and experiences to the masses. Joined by Will Abbott and a few other close friends, Paul has been afforded the opportunity to further nurture Flood Tide Co. and share in the adventure.

"Adventures arise with each new tide and a flood of lasting memories flow through us with each new experience. Journey along with Flood Tide Co. as we stitch and stamp our memories on everyday products to share with others. Because we share a deep love of the natural world, we want to protect it. With each purchase, Flood Tide Co.donates a portion of the proceeds to conservation efforts through One Percent for the Planet. So grab some gear, support the Earth, and share in the experience of Good Clean Livin'!"
-Paul Puckett


Paul Puckett plays the Blues at Home Team BBQ

What The Heck Is A "Flood Tide"?

A Flood Tide is an abnormally large tide or the largest tide of a lunar cycle, regularly occurring on the full or new moons. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as a "King Tide". For those of us who call the coastal Southeast home, these flood tides flow into the marsh on a grandiose scale allowing redfish and other wildlife to navigate through tidal creeks and spartina grass flats in search of various prey including our favorite little fiddler crab (our company logo).

Just explaining what a flood tide is doesn't do it justice. It's an addiction, but a good one. It takes worries away and brings like minded people together creating lasting friendships and plenty of good times. 

Take a look at the Low Country Journal where you can find a few videos celebrating these flood tides and the incredible fishing that occurs there.


It's More Than Just Clothes.

Our natural world is something to marvel, and we only have one. We're more than just clothes, we're here to promote the outdoor pursuits available to everyone and encourage people to get out there and explore your world. We do this by creating unique designs and artwork inspired by our adventures and keeping you looking good in the process.

Let's Make An Impact.

We share a deep love for the natural world and we want to protect it. With each purchase, Flood Tide Co. donates a portion of the proceeds to conservation efforts. So grab some gear, support the Earth, and share in the experience of Good Clean Livin’! From recycled plastic fabrics to marsh cleanups to our commitment to 1% For The Planet, we're working hard to try and  make a difference. Read about how we try to make an impact here.


One Percent For The Planet


Whatever you purchase, we guarantee you'll be better off for it in the long run. If you don't agree, simply contact us and let us know how to make it right.

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