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Fly Hard - Hans Gruber Print

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This is a Holiday Special print. 


The most Christmas-y villain of them all. Don't even make the Grinch argument. We've heard it a million times. Grinch turned good. Hans was all bad-boy. And really? You're going to put the whole Jim Carey as a scary green guy against Alan Rickman? Oh c'mon. 

**Spoilers Below**

Anyways, a little known fact about Hans Gruber was that, prior to falling to his death, he was an avid fly fisherman and tied all his own flies. Rumor has it that his radical takeover of Nakatomi Plaza had nothing to do with "bearer bonds" and everything to do with opening a non-Orvis fly shop in a big city. Now who's the bad guy, huh?



This is a Limited Edition Holiday Print only available while supplies last. Limited to 100 prints. Each print is numbered.

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